OPEN LETTER: Put NHS pay right


To: Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care; Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive NHS England; Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive NHS Employers; Chris Hopson, Chief Executive NHS Providers; Philippa Hird, Chair of the NHS Pay Review Body

The NHS workforce is in crisis – we desperately need a plan to keep dedicated, hardworking but exhausted staff in the NHS. This can only be done if together you use the powers you have to put NHS pay right. That means  making sure everyone is paid fairly for the job they do and the hours they work.  

  • Inflation-busting pay rise 
  • End poverty pay  
  • Grade us right 
  • Pay the hours we work 

Make sure staff feel valued, respected and able to keep giving their all to the NHS: put NHS pay right. 


NHS staff and the public

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