Email your councillor to fight for fair pay 

School and council workers are at breaking point. The cost of living crisis is pushing everything up - inflation, bills, food prices. The only thing not increasing? Their pay.

Local government workers were on the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis - keeping our communities safe, clean and accessible during one of the most challenging periods ever seen by local authorities in peacetime. Yet they received little or no recognition for their hard work, only broken promises from a government who initially claimed they would do "Whatever is necessary" to support local government. If the Prime Minister wants to undo the damage that a decade of low wages has done, then a good place to start would be in local government, where workers have now lost on average 27.5% from the value of their pay since 2010 when measured against the Retail Price Index (RPI) measure of inflation. 

UNISON is calling for a flat rate increase of at least £2,000 or the current RPI (whichever is the greater) for all council and school workers, which would particularly support staff on the lowest pay grades who are really struggling.

Local councillors can voice their support for this pay rise, raising the issue directly with local government employers and demanding that they provide the pay rise school and council workers so desperately need.

We need to come together to tell them we need more. Please email your councillor and convince them to use their influence to support hard-working staff, delivering vital local services. 


Send an email to your local councillor