Britain has a well respected meat production industry, with high standards of animal welfare and care to ensure the cleanliness and safety of all meat produced in the UK.  Expert Meat Hygiene Inspectors and Official Veterinarians provide a valuable service in ensuring this level of quality is met across British dinner tables.


Yet there are Governmental plans to change the way meat production is inspected and regulated, cutting down on onsite inspections and putting not only puts jobs at risk but also the integrity of the meat that you eat every day.


We know meat, we know the industry is well protected, so why change? We should be protecting what we're good at and preventing the risk of our meat becoming unregulated and unsafe. 


Ask your local MP in England and Wales to write to the Chair of the FSA Board, Professor Susan Jebb, seeking that these changes are paused and to speak with the workforce, its representatives and consumer groups about a plan that will modernise without losing daily onsite inspections.


Ask your MP to get involved