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Discrimination in the workplace remains a major problem facing pregnant workers and new parents. Around 3 in 4 working people currently experience maternity discrimination and 54,000 pregnant women are forced out of their jobs each year.

That’s why at UNISON we are working with Dan Jarvis MP on a new law to prevent employers from laying off expectant mothers and new parents by extending redundancy protections to six months. 

As well as being the biggest trade union in the UK, UNISON is the largest organisation representing women workers, with over a million female members working in health, local government and the care sector. We are concerned about how many pregnant workers are experiencing unfair treatment or discrimination at work, including being singled out for redundancy. During the pandemic, pregnant workers had a particularly raw deal, with many employers ignoring the law.

But the new law is at risk of getting stalled in Parliament – and we need your help to ensure it gets past the next hurdle. On Friday 21 October, MPs have the chance to show their support for this bill at its second reading. Please write to your MP to encourage them to turn up and show their support for the thousands of parents facing discrimination in the workplace.

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