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A new report from UNISON and RAC Foundation has revealed huge unfairness faced by people using a car for their job.

1 in 5 UNISON members use a car for their job - doing crucial work in their communties - yet they're massively out of pocket each month. All because the government hasn't updated mileage rates since 2011.

Ahead of the government's budget announcements in autumn, we're increasing pressure on MPs to fix this.

Email your MP the report now, and let them know you want mileage rates updated.

Key findings from the report:

  • The mileage rate should be 63.4p per mile
  • An average local government or NHS worker, who drives a couple of hours daily, is £6,000 poorer every year
  • Frontline public service workers required to use a car for their job are among the lowest paid roles, earning well below national average wages
  • Key roles like care workers drive significantly higher distances than average, face higher servicing costs, and are further penalised by lower rates after 10,000 miles
  • 9 in 10 workers driving between patients or sites are finding it harder to pay household bills.

You can read the report here: www.costofliving.unison.org.uk/campaign-news/driven-out-of-work/

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