Childcare workers struggling to make ends meet, parents forced out of work in a cost-of-living crisis, fees increasing faster than wages, children left behind.

These are just some of the problems facing the childcare system in the UK.

Decades of government underfunding has chipped away at this crucial sector for too long, so UNISON has helped form a new coalition calling on the government to fix it. For childcare workers, parents and - crucially - our children.

We know we're stonger together, which is why we're working in coalition. And it's why we're inviting you to join the campaign.

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UNISON is calling on the government to deliver childcare that: 

  • is fully funded from the point of need
  • is affordable and flexible so parents can work if they want
  • has good pay, terms and conditions for staff
  • provides high quality education for all children, including for disabled children and those with special educational needs.

If you agree with even one of these asks, join the campaign today!



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