Birmingham City Council is currently in the grips of an unprecedented financial crisis which, if left to continue, will result in major cuts to vital services and thousands of job losses.

It's within the power of our central government to help prevent this - but the Minister for Local Government, Simon Hoare, is refusing to support further funding for local councils.

Sign the petition calling for more funding for Birmingham City Council.

To Simon Hoare, Minister for Local Government 

My city deserves better from your government

Birmingham City Council provides vital services across my city. Now those services are under threat as a result of years of underfunding by your government. I believe that further cuts to staff and services are not the answer to the current financial crisis caused by this chronic underfunding. I therefore call on your government to:

  • Make immediate funding available to Birmingham City Council so they can deal with the immediate financial challenges they are facing and to prevent further cuts to services.
  • Reform the way councils are funded by central government to start to put right the under resourcing of local government that has been the hallmark of successive governments since 2010. The distribution of funding needs to be changed to make it fairer, with agreements covering  more than one year to allow councils to plan properly for the future. Reform should ensure that money goes to those areas that need it most.

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