Suffolk County Council says it needs to slash spending by £65 million over the next year to cope with the financial crisis in local government.

This would mean ruinous cuts to local services and hundreds of job losses.

Suffolk has already endured 14 years of austerity, further “savings” will cause harm to communities across the county.

But these pressures are being felt across the country. More cuts are not the answer.

Sign the petition to call on the government to

  • Prevent the current round of cuts with an urgent cash injection for Suffolk County Council,
  • Change to the way councils are funded by central government, reversing a decade and a half of under-resourcing.

And call on Suffolk County Council to

  • Keep jobs in the council – no redundancies or outsourcing,
  • Publish the original equalities impact assessments and the evidence presented about the impact cuts will have on staff and communities.

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