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Education workers need their pay and grading review delivered

In Northern Ireland, the establishment of a new Executive and appointment of a new Education Minister have led many education support service workers to expect early progress on the long-awaited pay and grading review.

However, UNISON has been told by the new Education Minister that funding to support pay improvement for education support services workers is not included in the money set aside to solve public sector pay disputes.

UNISON is demanding that the 2024/25 NI Executive budget includes the funding needed for the pay and grading review. UNISON wants all parties within the Assembley and Executive to ensure that the necessary funding is available to deliver for education support services workers.

Add your voice to the campaign now by sending an email to your local MLAs. You can email whether you work in education support services or want to give these hard-working staff your backing.

You'll be able to edit the email however you like, or if you don't have time you can send it as it is. It only takes a minute.

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