Help us stop HCPC fees hike for NHS workers

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has announced a whopping 18% hike in its registration fee from October. This is completely disproportionate to our wage increases in the NHS. A massive 99% of UNISON members registered with the HCPC – paramedics, OTs, radiographers and more – do not agree with the rise. But as health professionals we must pay this yearly fee before we are allowed to practice. With this increase, HCPC fees will have risen by 40% since 2014.
UNISON has been asking MPs to put pressure on the HCPC and many of them have already supported our campaign. Now we need you to help.
Please write to your MP about how this fee increase will affect you. We are asking MPs to sign Early Day Motion 2069 calling on the HCPC to reconsider this increase and roll back the fees to a fair level.

Act now. Send an email.