Email your councillor to stand up for fair pay 

Local government workers' vital contribution has never been so evident. They have kept care homes, schools, refuse collection, public health programmes and child protection going. Yet this is not reflected in their pay. 

But local councillors can voice their support for a pay rise for council and school staff. They can raise this issue directly with local government employers, and press them to make a decent pay offer.

Local government workers have asked for a 10% increase, to make up for an average 25% real terms pay cut since 2010.

With local elections in May, now is the time for councillors to listen to what workers in their communities want, and to act on it.

We need to come together to call for a decent pay rise for council and school workers. Please email your councillor and convince them to use their influence to support hard-working staff, delivering vital local services. 



Send an email to your local councillor