Council and school workers deserve a pay rise

Key workers' vital contribution has never been so evident. We are keeping schools, care homes, refuse collection and child protection going - to name a few. Yet this is not reflected in our pay. We deserve more than a pat on the back. We deserve a decent pay rise.

But our local councillors can voice their support for a pay rise for council and school staff. They can raise this issue directly with our local government employers.

We have asked for a 10% increase, to make up for an average 22% real terms pay cut since 2010. The Local Government Association came back with a 2.75% offer in April 2020, which is far below what we think is fair. 

We need to come together to call for a decent pay rise. Please email your councillor and convince them to use their influence to support hardworking staff, delivering vital local services. 

Act now. Send an email.