rows of chairs in lecture theatre

Don't fail our future.
Protect universities.

A robust higher education sector will be central to getting this country through the pandemic, sustaining our public services and rebuilding the economy.

But it needs an urgent financial injection to give it a fighting chance of coming out of this crisis. 

Universities need stability: they're doing vital research right now on vaccines, antibody tests and tracking systems, and our country is relying on the sector to train the key workers of tomorrow.

The livelihoods of three quarters of a million people who work in higher education have been plunged into uncertainty, along with the £73 billion a year universities generate for our economy.

The government must protect university staff, protect the jobs they love, protect the students and communities they support, and protect the economy they're helping to build.

Ask your MP to challenge the government on its response so far and demand that it underwrites higher education for all our sakes.

Act now. Send an email.