Stop Leicestershire County Care's Pay Cut for Carers 

Every day care workers are putting themselves and their families in harm’s way, to care for our vulnerable and elderly. While some pay the ultimate price for their dedication, Leicestershire County Care Ltd plan to cut the pay and conditions of care workers in Leicestershire. Staff in 13 of Leicestershire's care homes are facing:

  • A pay cut of up to 30% 

  • Two weeks less holiday 

  • No sick pay 

  • No maternity benefits

If they don't sign their new contracts, they could be sacked. This could leave the vulnerable in Leicestershire's care homes with no-one to look after them.  Care workers already earn less than supermarket workers on average. Care workers cannot fund a shortfall, their employer or government must find the funding. 

But care workers cannot stand up to them both alone. They need Leicestershire to stand with them. They need you to put your name to this petition and demand that there is no #PayCutForCarers.

Act now. Sign the petition.