Time to talk about NHS pay

The NHS is facing difficult challenges - every day NHS staff are responding to these challenges, and providing the very best of care and support to patients and their families

Healthcare staff have now sustained six years of pay restraint at great cost to their living standards, and causing great damage to their morale.

Pay restraint has resulted in the equivalent annual pay cuts of £2,288 for a cleaner, £2,818 for a Ward Administrator, £4,846 for a Nurse and £6,134 for a Midwife.

The pressures in the service are unprecedented and for staff this means going above and beyond, every hour of every day.

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The Government has a choice.

It can choose to restore the independence of the well-regarded Pay Review Body system to make the pay recommendations it believes are needed to maintain recruitment and retention at the levels the service needs.

Or it can allow the current, unsustainable staffing situation to spiral out of control.

Ask your MP to support healthcare staff and the future of our NHS.

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