Catastrophic cuts are facing vital services, unless your MP stands up for your community and demands emergency funding.

Local services in England have a Β£10 billion shortfall in funding for this financial year. That's equivalent to 141,000 adult care workers, 46,000 refuse collectors and 51,000 children’s social workers. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are facing funding issues too.

In the fight against COVID-19, billions had to be spent to protect the most vulnerable. While crucial income was lost, as the country went into lockdown. After 10 years of cuts, local services were already stretched, particularly in deprived areas where harsher cuts were targeted.

As we face a major recession and the possibility of new waves of the virus, demands on services are going to rise. Local services must be resilient and properly funded. Yet even our most basic services are facing drastic cuts. 

MPs can stand up for your community and pressure the government to get the right protection in place. Tell your MP that you are worried about the dire situation facing local services. It takes one minute. 

#SaveOurServices #DemandThe10Billion


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