Coronavirus has cost councils billions and now vital local services are facing catastrophic cuts.

Refuse collection, public health programmes, care for the elderly, child protection, park maintenance, road repairs and many services that we all rely on are under threat.

There is a black hole in budgets for key services because the Westminster government has refused to pay councils in England back for the cost they incurred fighting COVID-19. Councils in Scotland and Wales are struggling too.

The Chancellor must provide substantial, emergency funding to ensure vital services are not slashed to balance the books. And the Scottish and Welsh governments also need to provide more money for local councils.

More short-sighted decisions will fuel a vicious cycle of decay. Now, more than ever, we urgently need properly funded, resilient public services at the heart of of our communities. 

You can help in the fight to #SaveOurServices. Email your MP to tell them to #PlugTheGap. It takes one minute.

If you live in Scotland or Wales you can also write to your MSP and Senedd Member using this tool.


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