Priority testing for ALL education staff.

It takes a whole team to keep schools, nurseries, colleges and universities running. Yet when Matt Hancock announced the list of workers that will be eligible for priority COVID-19 testing in England, in education only 'teaching staff' were mentioned.

This completely ignores the fact that over half of the staff in education aren't teachers – they're the vital support staff whose job it is to make sure young people are safe, fed and supported. 

If teaching assistants are repeatedly forced to stay at home without being tested, how will school pupils get the support they need? If administrative staff are isolating unnecessarily, how will colleges run smoothly? If cleaners are left in the dark about whether they're infected, how will nurseries be kept virus-free? If residences staff can't get a test, how can university halls be kept safe?

UNISON is demanding that when the government announces the full details of priority testing, it includes all education staff – not just teachers.

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