Dear Rishi, it's time to step up

Think health workers deserve a real thank you? Add your name to the open letter to Rishi Sunak:

Dear Chancellor Rishi Sunak, 

Our NHS is held together with the hard work and dedication of its staff. This was true long before the pandemic but has never been truer than during this unprecedented crisis. 

People working in the NHS have put their health, wellbeing and personal lives on the line to provide the best possible care for our loved ones in incredibly difficult circumstances.  

NHS staff have stepped up in every way. Do your bit as chancellor and provide funding in the March budget to give everyone working in our NHS a £2k pay rise, to show they are valued and prevent them from leaving the jobs we need them to do.

It’s time the government gives them the thanks they so deserve, now and for the future. 

Signed, NHS staff and members of the public