Government guidelines say care workers should receive normal pay when they’re off sick with Covid or have to self-isolate – and ministers have set up the infection control fund to make sure cash is available to pay staff.

But UNISON has discovered that not all care companies in Essex are using the money to protect care workers’ wages. Some staff have had to take annual leave or even unpaid leave when they’re off with coronavirus or self-isolating, while others have been stuck on £95 a week statutory sick pay.

Essex County Council must make sure that its £7.3m infection control fund goes where it is supposed to.

We call on Essex County Council to ensure all the services it commissions are from companies that pay their workers in full when they are off sick with Covid or self-isolating. Any company not following the government guidelines should not be considered in the next round of commissioning.

Essex County Council – pay fair for care!

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