Save Our Services: A Better Deal For Nottingham

Since 2013 the Government has reduced funding to Nottingham City Council by over £101million! Now due to budget cuts and broken promises the council is considering brutal cuts to public services that will affect everyone who lives or works in Nottingham. 

The £15.6million package of budget cuts include cuts to children’s services, including the disbanding of the Missing Children’s Team – reducing protection for our most vulnerable children. Closure of the John Carroll Leisure Centre and Summerwood Adult Day Centre. And cutting Community Protection Services - making Nottingham less safe.

Boris Johnson has said he wants the country to Build Back Better but government cuts to councils across England make that impossible! That is why we're calling on Nottingham Councillors and MPs to stand together to Save our Services and demand a Better Deal for Nottingham. Follow the instructions on this page to send a letter to your City Councillors and MP asking them to work together to protect our vital public services.

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