Priority vaccinations for schools & early years staff

"It appears that we are being treated as cannon fodder. Maybe the government thinks we have anti-COVID super powers!" 
– Lizzie, welfare officer

In a 'big bang' reopening, the government is set to send 10 million children back into England's schools on 8 March.

With close contact working and little chance of social distancing, school staff are understandably worried about working in full classrooms, corridors and dinner halls while infection rates remain high and, for many, with no promise that their vaccine invitation is coming any time soon.

Meanwhile, early years and many nurseries have been open to all children throughout.

The government's 'big bang' reopening must not jeopardise the safety and long term health of dedicated education staff.

UNISON believes school and early years staff deserve urgent assurances from the government that they will be offered vaccinations as a priority.

Fill in your details and ask your MP to back you by lobbying the government to get you on the priority list. 

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