Bristol City Council - don't make carers pay the cost of COVID


Over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, care workers in Alexandra Homes, a Bristol Care Provider, are having their pay cut for doing the right thing and protecting the vulnerable people they care for.

Stand together with care workers today - sign our petition calling on Bristol City Council to act immediately to ensure staff at Alexandra Homes:

  • receive their full wages when during COVID-related sickness and self-isolation;
  • get back the pay they have lost during previous periods of COVID-related absences;
  • immediately have threats and punishments withdrawn from those who have raised these concerns.

Proper sick pay is known to prevent the spread of infections to service users and the wider community. Care workers need the assurance that they will not be financially penalised when they need to self-isolate.

Care workers in UNISON have reported that instead of receiving their normal pay in line with Government guidance, they are having to use annual leave, or receive no pay during COVID isolation. This is despite care employers receiving millions in public funds and being instructed to use them to pay self-isolating care workers their normal wages.

Alarmingly, following these concerns being raised with Alexandra Homes management, staff have been punished for speaking out by receiving further deductions from their pay, threats of disciplinary action, and even dismissal from their jobs.

Care workers have gone above and beyond to protect the most vulnerable in our society during this pandemic. We cannot stand by when their employers mistreat them.

It’s time for Bristol City Council to do the right thing, listen to care workers and intervene to protect Alexandra Home staff and residents.


Support care workers today: